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Service Associations Madras Engineering Association
Public (Services) Department
G.O. Ms. No. 822, Public (S) Dept., dated 27th September 1928

      From the Secretary and Treasurer.
      Madras Engineering Association,
      Madras, Letter, dated 12-6-1928

      From the Chief Engineer (General, Buildings & Roads)
      Letter No. 1469-Ad/28-1, dated 18-7-1928

    The Government hereby accord official recognition to the Madras Engineering Association, Madras, subject to the Rules appended to G.O. No. 1772, Public, dated 9th November 1921 and to any rules which may hereafter be brought into force in respect of such associations of Government servants.

    This recognition of Government is subject to the condition that the Association shall not include non-officials as members.
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Chief Secretary to Government
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