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  • TAMILNADU ENGINEERING ASSOCIATION (TNEA) was established in the year 1910 with the prior approval of the British Government formerly named as Madras PWD Sub Engineer’s Association. It is an age old traditional Association.

  • In the year 1920, based on The Hon’ble Montech Sem’s Board Reformation, special powers were conferred to the Madras Presidency headed by the then Governor of the Madras Presidency. Based on these powers, certain refinements have been made since then.

  • In the year 1922, the technical posts of Engineering upper subordinate establishment Sub Engineer’s existing earlier was dispensed with and the new post of Supervisors and Overseers only existed.

  • At that time, since the post of Sub Engineer did not exist and based on the efforts of the Diploma Engineers the Madras Engineering Association (MEA) was christened.

  • The new name was coined by ER.S.V. Rao Sahib KanagaSabai Pillai who also functioned as the Association Secretary at that time.

  • After 18 long years of struggle and finally in the year 1928, the Association was recognized by the then Government of the Madras Presidency in G.O. Ms.No. 822, Public (S) Dept., Dated 27-9-1928.
Service Associations — Madras Engineering Association
Public (Services) Department
G.O. Ms. No. 822, Public (S) Dept., dated 27th September 1928

      From the Secretary and Treasurer.
      Madras Engineering Association,
      Madras, Letter, dated 12-6-1928

      From the Chief Engineer (General, Buildings & Roads)
      Letter No. 1469-Ad/28-1, dated 18-7-1928

    The Government hereby accord official recognition to the Madras Engineering Association, Madras, subject to the Rules appended to G.O. No. 1772, Public, dated 9th November 1921 and to any rules which may hereafter be brought into force in respect of such associations of Government servants.

    This recognition of Government is subject to the condition that the Association shall not include non-officials as members.
Sd/- .......................................
Chief Secretary to Government
  • In 1969, when the Madras Presidency was changed as Tamil Nadu, the Madras Engineering Association (MEA) was also changed as Tamilnadu Engineering Association (TNEA).

  • The TNEA started publishing a Monthly Magazine titled as “Poriyiyal Kadir” from the year 1969 onwards and this is being published every month in a very special manner.

  • For the purpose of granting financial assistance to the Engineers who have become disabled or in the event of death during service, a Special Fund named as “Pongum Nidhi” was formulated and it is now in vogue and functioning very successfully.

  • For encouraging the children of the TNEA members, those students who score high marks in the 10th and 12th standard Government Examinations, the TamilNadu Engineering Association is awarding cash price in the name of “Engineer Muruganantham Kalvi Parisu Thittam” for 10th standard and “Engineer Ganapathy Kalvi Parisu Thittam” for 12th standard, annually, for motivating the children of the Engineering community.

  • Special Buildings known as “Poriyiyal Illam” exclusively for the Association members are existing and they are functioning for the purpose of the Association and also facilitating lodging facilities during their stay for its members, spread in all the important towns of Tamil Nadu.

  • For the Diploma Engineers to acquire higher education, great efforts have been taken by the TNEA and finally in the year 1970 part time B.E was introduced.

  • The TNEA organized several felicitations for Thiru. Ma.Po.Se who has helped the Association and who was instrumental in introducing the part time B.E.

  • The TNEA has also established 20 Branches and they are presently functioning, spread throughout the State of Tamil Nadu.

  • The Diploma Engineers in PWD as well as in various other Departments jointly integrated themselves and formed the DECT (Diploma Engineer Council of Tamil Nadu) and it is also functioning well at present.

  • Similarly, at the All India Level, Diploma Engineers have united and formed the All India Federation of Diploma Engineers (AIFODE)

  • Similarly at the SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation) countries level, Diploma Engineers have united and formed the SARC and it is functioning well.

  • Two years back, Diploma Engineers organized and conducted the SAARC Executive committee meeting at Srilanka in which two of our brother Engineers participated.

  • Beloved poet Nellai Jayantha in one of his poem has penned as follows:

  • “In which he has compared the National Flag which flies glittering not because of the thread woven into it, but because of some precious lives which it has taken. Similarly the Development of TNEA is because of many Senior Engineers who have made many sacrifices for the uplift of the Association”.

    Several agitations were conducted for the Welfare of the member Engineers such as
    • Hunger Fast
    • Hunger fast till death
    • Head shaving etc.,

    Above all, the Great Engineer and Statesman Sir, Dr. M. Visveswaraya is also a Diploma Engineer who was responsible for the execution of many Dams including Krishnaraja sagar. His services rendered to the nation are well renowned.

    • Sir, Dr. M. Visveswaraya has been credited as the First Chief Engineer of the Government of India.

    • Besides this, Mysore Dynasty has appointed him as the Diwan of Mysore.

    • The well known renowned Engineer Statesman Sir Dr. Visveswaraya’s birthday is being celebrated as Engineer’s Day every year in the month of September.

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